Eastview, it’s time for us to pray as one! Last Sunday, we kicked off our Breakthrough Prayer Initiative in the hopes of not only asking for God to lead us as a church into service, but to do it together as a Body of Christ here at Eastview UMC. Paper copies of our new prayer cards were distributed on Sunday, however, the plastic editions to carry in your wallet or purse are arriving soon! We are asking all members and friends to be in prayer using this new prayer card at 10:45 AM and 10:45 PM each and every day! Please use the Eastview community prayer on the back of the card to begin your prayer time, then use that as a launching pad into your own time of personal prayer. As a reminder, set your alarms, your watches, or your phones to remind you to pray twice a day that the Lord will continue to bless and give insight into the ministry focus here at our church. You can read the prayer below:

Lord, I pray for wisdom and grace to know how
to serve You in the Whitehall community and
to give my life in service to others. Keep me
from desiring the rewards of this world, and
lead me to always seek your kingdom first.
May I, like Christ, humble myself, becoming
obedient to Your word in all circumstances, so
that Your name may be glorified through me.
In Jesus‛ name I pray. Amen.

You can download the card HERE